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High quality electric surfboards: a new premium water toy for water sport and lifestyle lovers, yacht owners, and anyone looking for a fun experience.

Jetboard Thailand was established in 2021 as a new brand operated by Siam Seaplane Co., Ltd. to distribute and provide rental services for yacht toys and similar water sport products that fit Siam Seaplane’s overall philosophy and lifestyle domain, particularly under its “Experiences by Siam Seaplane” campaign.

The German-produced and award-winning Lampuga electric surfboards are at the heart of Jetboard Thailand, providing a high-quality premium product and experience. Jetboard Thailand is the official & sole distributor for Lampuga in Thailand.

The goal is to bring a new eco-friendly, non polluted, no harm to the environment, and zero contamination, fun experience to customers. It acts as a substitute to existing jet skis and petrol jet surfing that create noise pollution and negatively impact the environment.


Lampuga is a German manufacturer, producing premium electric jetboards, designed and produced in Germany. A jetboard is a 100% electrically motorised surfboard, so no wind or waves are required to participate, meaning they can be used on lakes and rivers, as well as out at sea. The speed is controlled via a handheld remote control, but direction remains in the control of the rider, using the transfer of their body weight to steer the board.

Since its foundation, Lampuga have sought to bring new life to the conventional surfboard. While surfing is a popular and fun water sport, it is difficult to master.

We want to provide a surfing experience to all riders, regardless of experience, age or physique. It is Lampuga’s mission to push the boundaries of traditional water sports.

By applying modern technology and innovative solutions, we have developed a range of high performance electrically driven surfboards that are suitable for all riders.


High quality electric surfboards
Innovative designs
State-of-the-art technology
Completely emission free
Zero contaminations to the water
User-friendly, easy to use
Easy transportation and storage
Highest safety standards

Cutting edge electric technology is employed across the Lampuga product range. All the electric surfboards utilize the same technology, while they perform slightly differently due to their material and shape. The Lampuga Air utilizes a robust drop-stich material and is inflatable.

Lampuga Air_Colors

The Lampuga surfboards are powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3.6 kWh. Depending on the driving style, weight, experience level and on the weather conditions, the battery allows for a ride up to 45 minutes. Utilizing a plug-and-play battery system, the battery is both re-chargeable and removable, allowing for an effortless re-charge or battery change. Using a 230-volt outlet, it takes the battery approx. 120 minutes to get fully charged. The battery is equipped with a LED display located on its top side, which displays the charging state of the battery.


Demo sessions will be available from November 2021 in Bangkok, Jomtien, Hua Hin and possibly Phuket and Samui. Please contact us to discuss and arrange.

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